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Published Feb 27, 21
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Introduced in 1901, the powerful flavour of the Bolivar range is almost as widely know as it's namesake, Simon Bolivar (1783-1830), the celebrated Venezuelan warrior who liberated all or part of what is today Venezuela, Columbia, Peru and Bolivia. The cigar brand was developed by the Jose Rocha Company and manufactured at the El Crepusculo factory, but was later acquired by Menendez, Garcia y Cia.

Dating back to 1901, the Bolivar brand has been providing quality cigars for well over 100 years. Known for their smoothness and boldness in body and strength, these cigars are not for the beginner cigar smoker. Always a fan of a nice quality petit corona and these, when you get good ones, are one of my favorites in this vitola.

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The box code on this one is so with only 15 months on them they should have nice full flavors but we will see how smooth they are. (I usually like these with 3 years on them or more but I do like really rich BPCs.) Seams are super tight and the pack is firm and jammed with tobacco.

The aroma is a little barnyard and tobacco. The prelight draw is tight but you get some light fruits and cedar with bits light earth. Time to light it up already :) To start you get a quick hit of toasted bread and it quickly moves to sweet vegital flavors.

Off and on during this third you get an aged Cuban tobacco flavor which surprised me greatly for this young of a cigar. Milk coffee shows up on the draw with hints of that Cuban twang and rich Cuban tobacco flavors. Through the nose it becomes a clear sweet bell pepper with touches of black pepper.

Draw is just right and no real relights needed for me. Great start!Moving into this third the flavors on the draw is milk coffee with vegital and fruit sweetness. Through the nose presents white pepper with vegital notes with a slight sweetness to it with a little black pepper at the end.

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The finish again is moderate in length and clean but gives you a hint of black pepper at the very end as it fades. Another great third...better than I expected for 15 months of age. This third went well but I did relight it twice...I think because of my talking and not the construction.

The retrohale added a little more spice but is not as clean. The finish became longer but not as clean as the first two thirds so age could be the reason for this drop. I loved this cigar through the first two thirds but the youth came out in the last third.

Providing milk coffee, vegital sweetness, Cuban twang, rich tobacco and some black pepper. best Bolivar cigars. The blend is done very well and for its price, can't really beat it. (Hard to at least) This cigar is not all that complex but is super enjoyable so it is worth a box purchase. I have had these before and they have been medium full and present deep flavors.

The box code on these is so these should perform fairly well with over 1 1/2 years on them. Invisible seams with very few veins with a little tooth to them. Fairly smooth with a nice earthy and barnyard aroma to the tobacco. The cigar has a box press to the sides of the cigar and it is well packed with tobacco with a clear triple cap.

The pre-lit draw gives you a nice strong earth but the draw is a little tight. The beginning is hard to light, tighter draw than a perfect draw but offers a deep earth with a dark nut flavor. Burn started off a bit but caught up quickly. The flavors of Cuban tobacco and rich earth with a slight nuttiness dominate the draw with a slight sweet spice with a hint of black pepper on the finish.

This is a full bodied stick in both flavors and nicotine strength. A hint of orange zest pops in once or twice. Main flavors here are earth and leather with a slight tangy cream to the draw and the finish. The finish is dominated by the earth and leathery notes and the spice is not very strong.

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Again, strong cigar but very tasty. The transitions as very minor so far which is a little disappointing. The head third gives you more leather than earth with a little tang to it. I'm starting to think this cigar needs to sit a little ehile longer to become a little more complex.